Best eberlestock intex ii frame

1Gunslinger II Pack (Black)Gunslinger II Pack (Black)$399.00Buy on Amazon
2Eberlestock Warhammer PackEberlestock Warhammer Pack$429.00Buy on Amazon
3Eberlestock LoDrag II PackEberlestock LoDrag II Pack$349.00Buy on Amazon
4Eberlestock Terminator Pack V3Eberlestock Terminator Pack V3$489.00Buy on Amazon
5Gossamer G-Type Frame (Long)Gossamer G-Type Frame (Long)$29.00Buy on Amazon
6Eberlestock Tomahawk Pack (Black)Eberlestock Tomahawk Pack (Black)$389.00Buy on Amazon
7Eberlestock X1A3 PackEberlestock X1A3 Pack$229.00Buy on Amazon

Best eberlestock intex ii frame information

1. Gunslinger II Pack (Black)

Gunslinger II Pack (Black)
  • The Gunslinger ll is the latest evolution of the original Eberlestock Gunslinger pack, and both are in wide use by elite military, police, and civilians all over the world
  • A great platform to make the ultimate “go bag”; compact, yet capable of internally storing a sniper rifle or an M-16/M-4/AR type weapon, water, ammo, and survival gear
  • Pack volume: 2,100 c.i.; scabbard volume: 600 c.i.; total volume: 2,700 c.i.
  • Weight: 8 lbs 3 oz; Dimensions main bag: 22″h x 10″w x 8″d; Scabbard Dimensions: 34″L x 10″W x 3″D, with a 26″ circumference opening
  • Comes standard with Eberlestock Intex-II frame system

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2. Eberlestock Warhammer Pack

Eberlestock Warhammer Pack
  • Built around Eberlestock’s innovative Intex-II frame, which gives the benefits of better body contour-fitting ergonomics, closer-to-body load carriage, and a bottom cargo shelf, in an intelligently designed package
  • Can be used as a great stand-alone pack, with ample 3-day-class storage and two pockets sized for 70 oz/ 2-liter hydration bladders (sold separately)
  • 1001 denier nylon exterior
  • To finish off your pack system, you can add any of Eberlestock weapons carriers
  • Total Volume: 2,050 c.i.; weight: 8 lbs 8 oz

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3. Eberlestock LoDrag II Pack

Eberlestock LoDrag II Pack
  • Built in tactical weapon carrier
  • can be combined with the GSTC Butt Cover (not included but available as a separate accessory)
  • Comes with our polycarbonate Gossamer frame, which can be interchanged with the aluminum Intex II frame
  • Material: 420 denier waterproof ripstop nylon / water resistant construction
  • Color: Dry Earth
  • RECOMMENDED FOR: Military | Law Enforcement Carry | Long Range Shooting
  • PRODUCT INFO: Pack Volume: 1,800 c.i. | Scabbard Volume: 600 c.i. | Total Volume: 2,400 c.i. | Weight: 6 lbs 8 oz | Dimensions main bag: 22″h x 11″w x 8.5″d | Scabbard Dimensions: 34″L x 10″W x 3″D, with a 26″ circumference opening

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4. Eberlestock Terminator Pack V3

Eberlestock Terminator Pack V3
  • Include multiple exterior pockets, a removable LP1 Fanny-Top go bag, and the Intex II tubular aluminum frame.
  • Material: 500D waterproof nylon / water resistant construction
  • Color: Military Green
  • Pack Specs: Total Volume: 4,100 c.i. | Weight: 8 lbs 10 oz | Dimensions main bag: 23″h x 12″w x 10″d
  • RECOMMENDED FOR: Military Ruck | Bug Out

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5. Gossamer G-Type Frame (Long)

Gossamer G-Type Frame (Long)
  • The Gossamer comes in two sizes: choose the AG2S for our slightly shorter packs (the G2), or the AG2L for our longer packs (the G4).
  • Made of polycarbonate with vertical-axis stiffening channels, the Gossamer gives an ideal mix of vertical support and torsional flex. It is quite tough and is superior to polyethylene frame-sheets which form the core structure of most internal frame packs.
  • Once you’re equipped with a Gossamer, you’ll be able to switch your pack back and forth, selecting a style that best meets the needs of the day.
  • Weight: 10 oz

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6. Eberlestock Tomahawk Pack (Black)

Eberlestock Tomahawk Pack (Black)
  • Low profile Intex II frame, Laser-cut MOLLE panel, Plush padded shoulder harness
  • RECOMMENDED FOR: Military Ruck | Bug Out
  • Floating lid that doubles as a removable fanny pack go-bag, Quick drain bottom for amphibious operations, Spade shape zipper front for quick access
  • EMOD / Hookup compatible, Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • Total Pack Volume: 3,100 ci / 51 Liters, Dimensions of main compartment: 21.5″ x 12″ x 12″

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7. Eberlestock X1A3 Pack

Eberlestock X1A3 Pack
  • Recommended For: Hunting | Scouting | Bow Carry
  • Recommended Add-ons: Small Reversible Rain Cover | Small Padded Accessory Pouch | Pouch Chest Mount Kit | Large Padded Accessory Pouch
  • Improved centerline rifle scabbard holds all types of long guns, from shotguns to ARs
  • Gossamer polycarbonate frame sheet provides extra support for packing heavier loads and is interchangeable with our tubular aluminum Intex frame, so you can customize the fit & function of the pack to meet your personal preferences
  • Volume: 1,500 c.i. (does not include scabbard volume)
  • Weight: 5 lbs 13 oz
  • Dimensions: 22″h x 11″w x 9″d

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